What are we wasting?

Our Amtrak train passed a group of people working on a side track. There was a man standing apart from the rest holding a poled sign reading "Men At Work".  Not only did our northbound express zip by him with no let up, but just then, a southbound train barreled by on the active track nearest the work party. There was no apparent reason for paying this man to stand holding up the sign. So I thought of "waste".


In your professional life, how many hours a year do you spend in meetings that have no significant relevancy for you (when you could be getting more important things done)? Waste! How many time consuming "cc" or "cc all" emails do you deal with daily, weekly, monthly…? Time you could put to better use. Waste! How much if your precious time is spent redoing even parts of projects because of miscommunication and misunderstanding? What a shame!


At Bold New Directions, we thrive in being of service in reducing these and many more kinds of wasted time. Our management training courses, business communication classes, resilience programs and more help you to get time back and reduce the associated stress.

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