Improve your Virtual Presentations

In the era of remote work, do you find yourself  delivering informal presentations using Zoom? Are you frequently presenting while sitting down versus standing up? Wonder how to highlight key points while using a virtual platform?  Not sure what to do with your vocals when delivering over phone or virtual platform like Zoom? These questions […]
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Virtual Training & Online Tools

Since COVID, learning professionals have been busy figuring out the best way to help professionals grow their skills in the new remote landscape.  In-person training sessions turned out to be impractical as many employees were asked to work from home, or were spread out in the office due to social distancing measures. It was time […]
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Virtual Training Grows Skills Needed During COVID 19

Are your employees working from home during the COVID Pandemic?  Are any of them experiencing social isolation while juggling new tasks and procedures remotely?  Have you noticed that some members of your team seem anxious or overwhelmed? Help your team thrive by getting them together for virtual training and team building experiences, made possible by […]
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6 Ways to Encourage Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

Research has shown that positive work environments lead to more engaged employees, healthier work relationships, and improved productivity. Whether your team is working in the office or working from home, encouraging morale is important. Here are 6 ways supervisors and managers can promote positive attitudes in the workplace. Consider how showing gratitude, modelling positive behaviors, […]
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Top Skills Needed for Working Remotely

Are you working from home more now than ever before?  Have you noticed a difference in how you need to organize your day to stay motivated?  Now that the newness is over, are you getting bored with your remote working arrangements? Working from home demands different skills than working in a busy office.  While it […]
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We are Making Virtual Training Interactive!

Virtual Training Programs help your team build skills while working at home.  At Bold New Directions, we are known for our interactive training programs that allow breakout groups, small discussions and learning partners.  Our clients are thrilled that we now include these interactive learning tools in our Virtual Training Programs too.  You and your colleagues […]
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How to Boost Your Resiliency

Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Too many projects on your To-Do List? Or, are you feeling out of step with your workload and home tasks? It’s easy to discover that the juggling act we often call “Work-Life Balance” gets out of wack. It may be that there are a lot of stresses in one […]
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Boost Your Resiliency

Are you or your colleagues feeling stressed? Would it be helpful to get a booster dose of Resilience Skills? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Over the past 6 months we have noticed an increase in the number of inquiries about Resilience Training – from health care workers, to large companies, to branches of […]
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How to Deliver a Stand-Out Presentation While Seated

Do you make more presentations sitting down versus standing up? Wonder how to highlight key points while seated? Not sure what to do with your vocals when delivering over phone or computer? These questions are frequently asked of our expert Presentation Facilitators when we work with companies to grow their teams’ public speaking skills. These […]
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Boost Communication Skills for a profitable New Year

Ready to grow your professional skills as we hit another New Year? A quick survey of top professionals in the communications field identified that three skills can help you to to grow your professional mastery, no matter the industry. These three skills include: Improve your Presence Improve your Presentations Improve your Listening All three of […]
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