Coaching Skills For Managers™ is a program designed to shift leadership practices from the old “command & control” model to a more inclusive and participative style. This interactive training program delivers powerful tools for leaders at all levels. It helps leaders better access and align their staff’s personal experiences, traits and skills.

Participants will also discover more about themselves as they learn how to use their developing coaching talents for the greater good of the organization. Utilizing a blend of instruction, demonstration and feedback, the workshop provides practice opportunities for each new skill participants learn.

Workshop Benefits

  • Expands personal power
  • Enhances flow of communication
  • Models a collaborative leadership approach
  • Creates methods for visioning the future
  • Opens pathways for greater effectiveness
  • Inspires others to contribute more fully
  • Develops a more positive team culture
  • Deepens satisfaction through living values

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Executives & Managers
  • Middle Managers & Supervisors& Team Leaders
  • Everyone in a role of influencing others

Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a Coaching Skills For Managers™ Participant Workbook of exercise sheets and handouts.

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  • International Coach Federation
  • The Coaches Training Institute
  • The National Speakers Association