Our Executive Presentations™ course is designed for the mid to high level professional that needs to make executive presentations that stand out. This executive presentation training seminar is geared to executives who need to make Standup Presentations, Board Room Presentations, Informal Presentations, PowerPoint Presentations, Teleconference Presentations or Conference Presentations.

Expanding from the core curriculum in our Powerful Presentations™ training course, we focus on skills that are most important to executives including: Using Powerful Gestures, Speaking with Little Preparation, Conveying Confidence Quickly, and Setting Clear Follow-up Actions. Participants of the Executive Presentations™ course come away with enhanced confidence and presentation skills. By bolstering presentation strengths and correcting presentation blunders, executive level participants are able to leverage their skillset for greater impact.

Benefits of Executive Presentations Training

  • Engage your Audience Immediately
  • Organize your Remarks for Impact
  • Overcome Nervousness & Bad Habits
  • Convey Executive Presence
  • Highlight with Strong Gestures
  • Persuade with Powerful Eye Contact
  • Master 5 Elements of Vocal Power
  • Project Confidence with Your Stance
  • Deliver Visuals that Persuade

Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a personalized copy of the Executive Presentations™ Workshop Manual including text, work-sheets, and exercises.

One Day Options
The Two Day Executive Presentations™ training course may be offered in a one day format with follow up coaching. Coaching is a powerful way to build on the new skills and ensure that communication training dollars are maximized. Contact us for more information about the Executive Presentations™ training program or to discuss your organization’s corporate training needs.

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  • International Coach Federation
  • The Coaches Training Institute
  • The National Speakers Association