The Gift of Receiving

Remember when you were four or five years old. Christmas was coming; and so was Santa Claus. Joyous excitement and anticipation in the days leading up to the morning when gaily wrapped presents lay waiting under the tree – just for you. Unwrap them slow or fast; you most probably loved getting presents. Or perhaps they were small Hanukah gifts… Or your birthday…. But as an adult, I have heard people say, innumerable times: "It is easier to give than receive." What happened to the joyous receiving? Some people say it is selfish to want to receive. Another perspective is that it is self-serving to not openly receive. In order for you to give, someone has to receive. It’s not complicated. One needs the other. Whether it’s receiving a tangible gift or an act of kindness like someone holding the door open for you, perhaps the greatest gift you can give the gift giver is to receive with grace and appreciation. Happy Holidays Giving & Receiving!

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