Red Carpet

The lights are bright

A throng excitedly lines both sides

A cheery TV persona sparkles her introductions And down the red carpet comes….


You’ve probably seen lots of red carpet events on TV over the years. This celebrity or that personality walks along in a $10,000 gown or suit, waving to the crowd or being interviewed for the cameras. But it is likely that you were not the one in the red carpet.


But why not? You began life as a blob of protoplasm. You learned to sit, then crawl, then walk and run. No mean feats. And then, wonders of wonders, you learned about 50,000 words of a totally new language and the ability to string them meaningfully together not only for speaking, but learned how to actually write the language. You earned high school, undergraduate and even graduate degrees. You successfully passed interviews for new jobs. You’ve learned a hundred skills and insight areas for your professional success (and that’s just so far). You’ve probably learned tons about being in relationship with others. And on and on and on.


No mistake about it. You are a multi-dimensional wonder. You are a huge success with so many more life successes to come.


So own that, not from ego but from honest recognition of your gifts and goodnesses. Roll out (at least mentally/emotionally) your very own red carpet. And as you move through time and space, notice how you continue to expand. Periodically take note of how remarkable you really are. Roll out your red carpet time and again. Celebrate your life!



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