Invoke the Solution

There are lots of poor habits around that get us in trouble. As a manager, you are usually told that you are paid to be a "problem solver". The old adage "If you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail" applies. As a problem solver, you may have inadvertently trained yourself to be looking for "problems".


In the Management Training Institute’s Management training courses, Leadership classes and Executive Coaching Intensives, we show you how to adjust your thinking. If you look into your past, you will probably notice that 99% of the time, you and your team have come up with solutions.


So, if you start managing from the state of certainty that a solution will always be found, you can start a practice of "invoking a solution". Move ahead from that state (instead of pushing at "problems") and the journey can even become fun. Let The Management Training Institute show you the way to greater ease in being an effective manager.


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