Are you Keen About Curiosity as a Management Strategy? Part 4 of 4 Part Series

Being curious about curiosity as a management strategy

Keep attending to the expansion of your curiosity. How can your sense of curiosity help you to take the steps that will help you increase your management skills?  Take a moment to recall a number of people whose management skills you admire. Who amongst them stands out as radiating curiosity? In what ways might you have been inspired by that quality of theirs?  Contrast that with remembering all the many people in positions whose leadership skills did not seem to show the spark of vitality that curiosity brings. Who would you want to work with most?  Now think of anyone in your life whom you might look to you for leadership. See yourself through their eyes. Using the “Curiosity Meter” how do you think they might rate you, using a scale of 1-10 (1 is lowest). What are they seeing or hearing that has them assessing you so?

Finally ask yourself these questions:

1. How will managing without curiosity impact your team’s morale, productivity and profitability?

2. How will managing with curiosity impact your team’s morale, productivity and profitability?

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