Curiosity Can Be Key Management Skill – Part 3 of 4 Part Series

Raise your management skills by using curiosity to increase positive collaborations.

When you approach others with respect and a sincere curiosity about what they have to say and to offer, they will generally experience you in a more receptive light. Your curiosity allows you to collaborate with the people you manage. Collaborative managers and leaders draw people in; and most people love to be involved. They appreciate it – even thrive on it. Your curiosity about how your staff might bring benefit to any situation will serve both of you.

Karen had decided to use authentic curiosity to help build the relationships with the members of her team, and to get to know them more closely. As a walk-around manager, Karen created lots of one-on-one opportunities to get to know her team through curiosity. What made them tick? What did they like about their jobs (what were their motivators)? What did they dislike and why (de-motivators)? When she was feeling really brave, she thought she would even ask them what they liked and disliked about her. (Wow! When was the last time you heard a manager do that?) Karen resolved to do her best to use a warm tone, not easy when there had been an initial mutual dislike. But she knew that a warm tone would go a long way to having her questions of curiosity received with more openness.

 Keep attending to the expansion of your curiosity. Consider your curiosity as a key management skill that can open up new relationships and positivity in your organization.  Help other members of your management team develop this key management skill by offering coaching and training. 

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Adapted from the book entitled Managing From The Inside Out written by Jim Hornickel, edited by Suzanne Guthrie, available at



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