Boost Presentation Skills With Training On How To Bookend Your Remarks

Bookends Boost Presentation Impact

Have you ever wondered how to start your presentation? Lots of people struggle with how to open up their remarks. Even more worry about how to have a powerful close. Learn how bookending your presentation takes the stress of both these problems away. Bookends are simply communication devices and presentation tools that you use at both the opening and closing of your comments. They can range from a story, to a quote, to a combination of statistics and questions. The point is to use powerful hooks at the beginning of your presentation as your first bookend. Then re-use the same hooks at the end of your presentation comments, but with a closing twist. These bookends really work well with questions. For example, you may start by asking your audience a powerful question then close by asking them the question again.

For example, you may start by saying:  "Did you know that less than 10% of professionals have set aside enough money for retirement?". Then in the middle of your presentation remarks outline a plan for saving for retirement successfully. In closing, to use your bookend again for reinforcement by asking "And how many of you would like to be in that 10% of professionals who have signficant retirement savings?". 

As a powerful presenter, your presentation remarks will emphasize all the audience has learned in between the opening and the closing bookend.  If you want additional information on how to hone your presentation skills visit our website to get a free copy of report on how to Master Your Presentation Skills at or at



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