Improve Management Skills By Practicing Acceptance – Part 1 of 3 Part Series


One of the greatest gifts a manager or leader can give to other people is to accept them for who they are. You can actually increase your management skills by increasing your acceptance of others. When we feel accepted, we feel good about ourselves and freer to bring our most positive, confident and creative selves to the work team.



Step 1: Don?t let ego get in the way of accepting others


For most managers, the problem is that at work and in the rest of our lives, ego can get in the way. On one hand, the act of acceptance is simple. What is, is! An apple is an apple. A cloud is a cloud. No brainers, right? But when it comes to us humans, it?s more difficult simply to accept what is without adding on layers of meanings, viewpoints, judgments, opinions, interpretations, etc. For example, let?s say that my friend Joan never remembers my birthday. How I feel about Joan, our relationship, or even about my own self-esteem may depend on what story I tell myself about Joan and the fact that she forgets my birthdays. My ego may pipe up and say, ?Oh, that Joan is so thoughtless!? ?She?s so stingy.? ?I?m not getting her a present if she doesn?t get me one.? But if I?m able to put my ego and my judgments on hold, I can accept that giving me a birthday present just isn?t Joan?s thing. Acceptance gives me the freedom to respond to what is without getting stuck by my egoistic views about how I think things should be. In management, the skill of managing your ego is highly valuable as it impacts your relationships with your staff.

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