Is an Interactive Keynote Right For You?

This past week has brought a flurry of interest in Interactive keynotes on topics from Resilience to Leadership to Negotiations.  What’s an Interactive Keynote you might ask?  How does it differ from more traditional training sessions?  Is it a lecture or lengthy speech?  These are all great questions that bear exploration.  Over the past decade we have honed our skills delivering interactive training sessions that help transform people and performance. The interactive nature of the sessions, which use learning partners, role-plays, small group activities and large group discussions, is a huge part of our success.  By getting participants interested and engaged in activities that stimulate their heart, soul and mind – our interactive training gets better results than the old-fashioned lecture.  So it goes for our Keynotes too.  Instead of leading a 2 hour keynote in lecture style, our expert speakers incorporate activities and exercises into the agenda thereby engaging audience members in deeper exploration of topics.  This week we’re in Chicago and New York leading interactive keynotes, and our team has worked with groups that range from 25 to 500 in the audience.  So next time you have an important event or transition, consider the benefits of an interactive keynote for your crowd!