How To Present to Executive Audiences

Are you expected to give updates and presentations to your Executive Team?  Do you ever feel disappointed with their reaction to your presentation? Want to know how to get a better response and feel good about your presentation experience?  Remember these three simple tips to boost your success when your audience is made up of busy executives.

  1. Keep it Brief – Executives have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to complete.  They don’t need extra background information but typically want key points only.  So keep your presentation brief and focus on key messages.
  2. Paint a Big Picture – Since your executive audience most likely has staff to implement a new initiative they don’t usually need details but prefer a big picture overview.  Focus on Who, Where, What, When and Why.
  3. Focus on Outcomes – Don’t get lost in the weeds of how a process was created, or what happened last time around.  Most executives want to see how a project is tied to concrete outcomes such as outputs, revenue or cost savings.

By keeping these three tips in mind you can craft more powerful presentations that keep your executive audience interested and engaged in your remarks.  Not only will they get their needs met, but you will feel more successful in your public speaking skills. So get started; keep it brief, paint a big picture, and focus on outcomes. Learn more at our sister site or look at our Presentation Training solutions on the homepage.