Snowy Distance

You’ve seen it. You’re driving in the highway’s middle lane and a car goes whooshing by at 80mph on your left in the passing lane with another car no more than 10 feet behind breathing in its exhaust. Absolutely no margin of error; already a potential set-up for disaster.


Yesterday, as I drove a three lane highway in a significant snow storm, with the speed lowered by the state police to 40mph, a car passed on the left going perhaps 65mph with another driver no more than 10 feet behind. Absolutely no adjustment for the slick road conditions.


There are plenty of high speed managers; type A’s if you will. Often, these are perpetually high-risk managers too, hastily making all too many decisions that come back to haunt them and the people under them. But the best managers are situational leaders and decision-makers. Just like changing road conditions, business environments are often in flux. Going with the flow to correspond with ever-changing conditions, being flexible and situationally wise is at the core of managing and leading effectively. At the Management Training Institute, with their customizable management training classes and leadership training seminars, we suggest that you approach each day with an open mind. Keep your EQ-Total Life Intelligence finely tuned. Practice rising to the 10,000 foot view periodically to assess how you are doing within the broader circumstances at large. And get comfortable with being in charge of adjusting your responses, decision-making, and pro-active visioning to best meet your ever changing business environment. Those processes will give you the best chance of reaching your desired destinations (goals) time and time again. You really don’t want to end up  crunched in the trunk of the car ahead of you do you!

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