Be Like a Baby

Time and time and time again, a toddler falls down. Yet each time it falls, it gets up to try that walking thing again. What prompts the perseverance? One logical probability is that there is social proof all around them that walking is the norm; they want to follow suit.


So as with most things, there is good news and bad news in this scenario. For the many who think that going along with the crowd, being "normal", is the right thing to do, well, let them go that route. But at the Management Training Institute, we know that the norm is not good enough when it comes to being an exceptionally effective manager or leader.


Do you want to excel in the management career you’ve chosen? If so, this is your wake-up call to realize then that most of us have had pre-neuro-conditioning like the toddler, to follow social norms. If that is true for you, then you may be unconsciously taking in the management practices around you as being the standard to follow. But the vast number of managers are common. That’s simply not good enough for you. In our management training classes and executive leadership Intensives, we help to transform you into exceptional managers and leaders.


The double benefit from stepping apart from the common norm is about finding greater resilience. When you rise a step or two above average, and when you therefore achieve greater success, you feel better about yourself. Others too will give you feedback about your improved performance and results. This takes you from just getting by to thriving. And thriving is what the Resilience Training Institute helps you to achieve through our resilience training classes and resilience Train-the-Trainer certification programs.



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