Choosing the Thoughts of What You DO Want

It seems so simple. Thoughts guide actions. And actions produce our results. So, think thoughts that serve you and others.


But are you like the masses who "have" thoughts VS "choosing" your thoughts?


No one ever told me I could choose thoughts. The 60,000 thoughts a day seemed to simply swim along on their own. My parents didn’t seem to know. My teachers didn’t teach me. And if that sounds familiar to you, well, I am sorry. But the good news is that we can be in charge of our thoughts. And the WIIFM is happiness and effectiveness and…


Intentionally changing your thoughts takes a bit of practice. Your prefrontal cortex is ready to serve with self-awareness. To remind yourself of your ability to redirect your thoughts at will, try the closing your eyes and counting silently from 1 to 5 exercise. Your self-awareness noticed whether you did or didn’t. That’s the observer at work.


Now if you try counting silently from 1 to 100, you may notice that it’s not as easy. Other thoughts, other images, other distractions will probably try and break in. That’s the life of a busy brain. But as soon as you notice you’ve lost the counting train of thought, well, in that moment, you can turn your brain’s counting back to where you left off.


This is the same dynamic that you can practice when you set your intention to have more positive, serving thoughts (with the accompanying actions, and improved results). This is part of what’s called a mindful life. When you notice your brain running old negative or non-serving thoughts, also notice that in your noticing, they stop for a moment. That is your moment of choice; your moment of power. You can then set your thoughts on to the track you desire. This is like using muscles. It takes lots of continued practice to strengthen the ability; to get good at it. But the great news truly is that you are in charge. Take the time to work your brain in your favor and your life becomes your more fully directed journey. Pretty powerful eh! Enjoy the ride!



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