The 3 C’s of Sales

Understanding how Connection, Curiosity and Confidence apply to your interactions with clients can improve your performance in remarkable ways. 

Establishing an initial Connection with a potential client or customer is essential.  That initial connection sets the tone for your relationship and as with first impressions, is critical that it is a positive connection.  Connecting with a client can take shape in many different ways, but it serves to establish trust from which you can build a relationship.  Finding common ground is a connection that is polite yet effective.  A compliment, a shared interest or goal, a genuine willingness to serve the client all forge a positive connection.

Once this connection has been established, exhibiting a sincere Curiosity determines the integrity of the relationship.  Discovering the client’s goals through asking questions will strengthen their trust in you, as a Sales Professional.  Allow the customer to describe their situation by asking open-ended questions; this puts the customer in charge of the conversation and allows them to feel heard and understood, building on the trust you have already established.

Attending the client with Confidence throughout this process will solidify your relationship and lay the foundation for future business with them.  Operating with confidence lets the client know that you understand their goals and you are knowledgeable about how to meet them.  Confidence is an admirable characteristic and one that leads the customer to believe that you are trustworthy and fair. 

Putting these key components into action with clients will boost your integrity as well as your sales.

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