Sharp Skinned Hawks

85% of Sharp Shinned Hawks born in late spring die before the first snows of winter. Why? Well, like yours, their lives are hard. They need to quickly learn the difficult but critical skills involved with flying through their environment’s maze of leaves and limbs to catch swift and quick-turning small birds. They fail 9 out of 10 times. So, unfortunately, most starve to death.


Yes, your life is tough. But unlike these small hawks, most of us are protected from such immediate failure by having a long protection period provided by parents and society. We go through many years of learning at school. And we gather additional skills and insights on the job, in relationships and some through parenting, hobbies and more.


Early on, learning is encouraged, even forced upon us by those around us. But as we age, those outer determining forces diminish. We are left more on our own. But it just makes sense to take up the learning on your own. Vision what you want and who you want to be on the journey. Do an inventory of the skills, talents and character traits that will further your success. Be relentless in your pursuit of multi-dimensional excellence and your resulting happiness and resilience need know no bounds.

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