“Tween Times”

September has rolled around again. I think of this as a ‘tween month here in New England, the transition time or interlude separating the heat and humidity of summer and the crisp leaf-turning dry air of October.


Transition periods can test our resilience. In the case of this changing season, my body was acclimated to coping with a high heat index. Now it will soon need extra layers of clothing for the chill factor. My psyche said, "slow down, it’s vacation time". Now, work productivity expectations are usually higher. Contrasts to be dealt with.



This is just one of innumerable examples of transitions we face, large and small. Perhaps you’ve lost a job and haven’t yet found the next best-match work life. Maybe a relationship has ended and you haven’t yet filled that void. Or you suffered even a slight muscle strain but your activities are curtailed until you can get back to your normal activities.


No matter the life area in flux, the stability (not necessarily fulfilling) of the known or "normal" has passed and the future is a bit uncertain. These times carry varying degrees of stress with them.


This meantime can be troubling ranging from being a little out-of-sync to feeling very depressed. What to do?


Since most of us have a track record of ‘tween times, though we may not know the specific forms the next will take, they are bound to visit us again and again over our lifetime. Resourcefulness then is the resilience key to our mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being. With this wisdom guiding our practical practices, we can constantly and intentionally build up our reserves so that when it’s time to make a withdrawal in challenging times, the resources are there to call upon.



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