“Inner Social Media”

We have reached a remarkable age of communication. The world is so interconnected via the venues of the Internet including tweets, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. The expanding use of cameras in buildings and on street corners adds another degree of transparency that can at least help dissuade unwanted criminal behavior.


But all of these "Social Media" platforms and methodologies are creations of humans. And they really mirror the internal systems of human beings. That is great news for you and me.


We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. Think of them as a tweets of information.


Each chemical synapsis we call a thought simultaneously sends a chemical to our body that we experience as emotion. These make up our daily blogs.


These messages are messengers and travel throughout our nervous system; our own complex Internet.


As we experience these messengers, they act as stimulators of all sorts of neuronic activity from posting "to" memory banks, to causing withdrawals "from" conscious and subconscious memory banks. These personal life inner activities are the Facebook aspects. And those produced in our professional life are the corresponding LinkedIn activities.


How do you tune in, observe, and put this information to use? Your prefrontal lobes (behind your forehead) is the seat of conscious self-awareness; your own audio-visual self-reflecting camera if you will. You can identify your own unwanted behavior and use the information to improve who you are and who you want to be.


Isn’t it great that we have all of this invaluable equipment! But the inner technology does have a learning curve to it. Master the tools and you will live a much more fulfilling life.



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