“Same Old, Same Old”

I ask the person at the register, "how’s your day going?" And they so often reply with something like, "same old same old" or "it will get better at 5 o’clock".  Do you know folks who live this way? Is it ever you?


There are of course jobs with lots of repetition, and jobs with great variety. Lives lived in sameness and lives rich with diversity. And every single one of these is a choice. Now sometimes we have taken "boring" work out of necessity. But in the end, boring or interesting is in our hands. We can always set an objective of moving into more fulfilling work.


But what about the meantime? "Bored" is a perspective that we are in. While external conditions (e. g. job duties or environment) may not excite us, we do have the capability to take more interest in any circumstance we find ourselves in, even though that may take work. And we can use "bored" as a powerful motivator to envision something more interesting and taking steps toward that. This applies to jobs, personal relationships, places to live, etc. 


As the old saying goes, "enjoy life; this is not a dress rehearsal". Life is precious and finite. What will you do to notice your boredom factor(s)? What steps will you take to move toward that which is lore interesting and satisfying?


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