Raised with the sidewalk and street congestion of New York City, my peripheral vision got extra practice that allowed me to navigate pedestrian and vehicular traffic more effectively and safely.


Peripheral or sideways vision also enhances my EQ-Life Intelligence "social awareness" capabilities and that helps me manage spacial relationships with people.


So how to use peripherality with other aspects of EQ-Life Intelligence, specifically "emotional intelligence"? Awareness of others’ emotional states in relationship to your own dominant feelings at any given time can give you a heads up on the relative degree of compatibility you have in sharing time and space with someone. For instance, if they are angry and you are angry, explosions are likely to occur. If they are sad and you are giddy, it is unlikely that your time together will mesh as well as it could.


So expanding your peripheral emotional radar will allow you to take the lead in assessing how small or large is the gap with someone at any given time. When you adjust your emotion (and who’s in charge of your emotion anyway) to be in closer sync with the other, things are apt to move along more smoothly (always a matter of degree). Professional meetings will flow more productively.  Time with a loved one will feel better (for both of you). Win-Win! And the additional advantage of choosing this practice is that it expands your emotional capacities and results in more personal fulfillment. Nice bonus!


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