The Present Manager

There are many qualities a great manager possesses…leadership ability, focus, determination, interpersonal skills.  However, a quality that is equally essential yet less spoken of is "presence".  One can say that effective managing can only happen when one is fully present in the moment.  Of course there are many variables to every moment and if you are managing a large number of people within a large organization, any given moment can feel full of chaos.  However, the practice of "presence" in a leadership role can have an overall positive effect on your entire organization.  Managing from a place of presence allows for deeper clarity and resolve.  Engaging your staff from this place also reaps benefits in the form of trust, understanding and mutual respect.  It also makes room for growth for when you view each moment as its own moment, then the possibilities and opportunities seem infinite.  The staff you are leading and the projects you are managing are always changing and staying present as a manager is about dancing in the moment knowing that each opportunity is a new one. This is a vibrant knowledge and it creates adaptability, resilience and awareness; qualities that separate great leaders from exceptional leaders. 

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