Why Platinum is stronger than Gold

Remember the Golden Rule we were all taught in gradeschool?  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  This rule implies the assumption that other people would like to be treated the same way you would like to be treated…When we really think about this notion, it appears rather self-oriented and assuming. 
Have you ever heard of the Platinum Rule?  The Platinum Rule states: "treat others the way they want to be treated".  It sounds over-simplified, but isn’t it the very goal of our desire to treat others kindly and with respect?  The Platinum Rule accommodates the feelings of others and opens us up to an exploration of what do they want and  how am I able to give it to them?  It is a productive form of thinking that advances our relationships positively.  When we are able to internalize this doctrine, we see the world in a new light.  We view our relationships through a different lens.
Personal relationships will surely benefit from Platinum Rule thinking, however it is not about becoming submissive in any way, in fact it is an empowering notion.  It’s about expanding our thinking and creating the conditions for positive reciprocity within a relationship. 
This applies equally to relationships at work. The Platinum Rule will transform your professional relationships to create a stronger, healthier framework for dealing with workplace challenges. Conflicts arise in any workplace environment.  We can become more equipped to deal with them proactively by simply applying the Platinum Rule thinking to the situation.  The conflict can be addressed respectfully while strengthening the relationship rather than deteriorating it.  It also opens the door for the mutual exchange of thoughts and respect which in turn boosts morale.

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