Making Service One of Your Key Management Skills – Part 3 of 4

Servant leaders and managers place a high value on meeting the needs of the team and those of individual employees, on ensuring that everyone is given opportunities to learn and grow, and on giving the team, as a whole, a major role in decision-making. In many organizations this type of management style can succeed in creating a work culture of high commitment, morale and productivity. To learn the management skills needed for this style of leadership, it can be very advantageous to seek out management training programs. Management seminars provide the best venue both to learn and practice management skills such as being of service.

Want to learn more about how Service can be your key Management Skill?  Look for the next part in this 4 part series on How To Make Service A Key Management Skill. 


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Adapted from Managing From The Inside Out by Jim Hornickel, Director Training and Development, Bold New Directions



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