How To Make Service A Key Management Skill – part 2 of 4

As a recently hired manager, Karen wanted to upgrade her management skills. She had read about the concept of Servant Leadership, and its emphasis on motivating and empowering employees. She thought about how she could incorporate being of service to others as part of her management style, and decided to experiment by changing some of her behaviors.

First, she made sure to arrive at work before her staff. At the general arrival time, she went down to the main entrance of the building, and greeted every person by name, along with a warm “Good morning!

Then to build greater visibility and stronger relationships, Karen made a point of walking around the work areas at least once a day, asking each employee how they were doing. In addition, she asked what she could do to support them.

Karen expected that at first many team members would respond negatively or skeptically. As with any change in a manager’s behavior, she knew it would take time before her employees accepted the changes and could see the benefits. At the same time, she felt that her genuine intention to be of service would get across to her staff and eventually win them over.

Want to learn more about how Service can be your key Management Skill?  Look for the next part in this 4 part series on How To Make Service A Key Management Skill. 


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Adapted from Managing From The Inside Out by Jim Hornickel, Director Training and Development, Bold New Directions


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