Conflict Management – An Essential Management Skill – part 1 of 4 part series

Conflict Management: one of the most essential management skills


As managers we know that, for good or for bad, conflict is part of the workplace. On the good side, it sometimes takes an outright conflict to uncover a problem that’s been simmering beneath the surface perhaps for some time. While most of us would rather acknowledge problems in more thoughtful and intentional ways, an outburst or confrontation may force us to face a problem squarely and find a solution.

1) To manage conflict successfully encourage empathy and openness to others’ views

Often, however, conflict means that people who disagree get stuck in a mind-set of “I’m right and your wrong”. Rigidly holding to a view that prevents us from trying to understand someone else’s perspective can result in continuing and disruptive conflict.

Successfully resolving conflict calls for dedication from all sides to find a resolution that meets some, if not all, the needs of everyone involved. To understand those needs, we need to give up rigidly adhering to a single view, and be willing to explore other people’s perspectives with empathy and openness. In our management training seminars, participants practice management skills to help themselves and others avoid inflexible attitudes and to listen to each other with curiosity and a receptive frame of mind.

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Adapted from Managing From The Inside Out by Jim Hornickel, Director Training and Development, Bold New Directions

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