Redirecting Your Negotiations – Part 3 in a 3 Part Series on Improving Negotiation Skills

Redirecting The Negotiations is an important skill set.

 Now that you’ve learned about tactics and how to determine their use, it’s helpful to learn how to redirect the negotiations back to positive ground.  This is part 3 in a 3 part series on How To Improve Your Negotiation Skills.

When you learn that the other party in your negotiation has been using a tactic against you need to tell the other party what the consequences are for dealing negatively.  Stay objective during this phase of negotiations if you can.  Judging the other party to be “wrong” may feel natural but all it will do is get their defenses up.   Just call it for what it is from an objective place. Take the lead in returning the negotiations to a mutuality-based, win-win process. Be the enlightened negotiator; be the model. That goes a long way in appearing powerful in a very positive way during any negotiation process.

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