Improve Your Negotiation Skills By Discerning Tactics – Part 2 in a 3 Part Series

Uncovering a Tactic


If you suspect that a tactic is being used against you, the best strategy is to ask questions. It’s usually that simple in negotiations. You probe. You discuss. Let’s say the other party in your negotiation sets a deadline.  How can you determine if it’s a tactic or not? Test the deadline. Ask questions about it. Who set it? Why that time and date? What happens if the deadline is not met? In any negotiation it’s important to get conversational. Use objective criteria – the facts.  Alternatively if they say this is the last item for sale, ask about replacement items, possible shipping dates for new inventory.  Bottom line – determine if they were using scarcity as a tactic to pressure you during the negotiation.  Find out more at


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