The Wish – A Key Element in Successful Negotiations

There are lots of areas of importance in a negotiation. This article will focus on the value of being clear about the 5 parts to creating and staying with an effective range in your negotiations. What is a range? Many negotiators focus only on the monetary aspect when thinking about their range in a negotiation. We encourage using this same principle in any area of negotiations in which concessions will be traded. In addition to a range for dollars, additional examples for application are: service hours included, delivery times, percentages… Be creative in your negotiations! And, always think mutuality-based, win-win.  This approach to negotiations is one of your most powerful skills.

 There are five interactive areas that make up the range in all negotiations.  Today’s article focuses on the first part – The Wish. 

Power of the WISH:

1) In negotiations, a range has a top and bottom to it. Many negotiators on either side of the sale start with a figure that is too low. Example – Selling a House. The seller creates a range of asking $350,000 to the bottom line of $335,000. The way the Wish works in negotiations is to think outside the box of reason when doing the preparation: this figure is never revealed to the other party. In the ideal world, what could you get for the house? “Ah, I would really like to get $375,000!” Well that is a little unrealistic but now he/she is thinking bigger. They may now start their range at $360,000 instead of $350,000. You will never get $350,000 if you start at $350,000. Create more give and take room in each negotiation by thinking of your wish.

 All five of these elements work together in successful negotiations. Look for future posts about the other four elements to broaden your negotiation skills.  Use all of the tools and you will be much more successful in getting what you want in negotiations. For more information about negotiation skills training or negotiations training courses visit or


About The Author:  Jim Hornickel is co-founder of Bold New Directions, a transformational learning company that works with companies to transform people and performance through training solutions including seminars, webinars, coaching and keynote events. Bold New Directions specializes in training solutions that build leadership skills, communication skills and resilience at work. Jim leads dynamic workshops that help professionals grow their negotiation skills. You can learn more about Jim Hornickel and the topic of Negotiations Training at Bold New Directions by visiting the company web site at or at our negotiations training site

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