Virtual Training & Online Tools

Since COVID, learning professionals have been busy figuring out the best way to help professionals grow their skills in the new remote landscape.  In-person training sessions turned out to be impractical as many employees were asked to work from home, or were spread out in the office due to social distancing measures.

It was time to try something new.  So as we turned to Virtual Platforms we learned a thing or two about how to make learning work best in the new normal.  One of the best options is to conduct a Blended Learning Program in small chunks of time that addresses your team’s learning needs.  This can be spread out over weeks to minimize fatigue and allow opportunity for reflection and homework between sessions.  For example, one of our clients wanted to improve their team’s Management Skills but the managers were are all working in different locations.

Here’s a new Blended Learning Package that worked successfully to schedule the training over a period of several weeks in small bites:

  1. Complete Pre-session Homework & Assessment Tools
  2. Attend Half Day Virtual Instructor Led Session
  3. Complete 2 Online Modules
  4. Complete Half Day Virtual Instructor Led Session
  5. Complete 2 Online Modules
  6. Participate in Group Coaching Session
  7. Get A Certificate of Completion

We can work with you to create a Blended Learning Package that incorporates several different tools such as Virtual Instructor Led Training, Online Tools, Assessments and even followup Coaching. Contact us to ask about various options for meeting your team’s learning needs by calling 1-800-501-1245 or hitting the Request A Free Quote button.