Boost Communication Skills for a profitable New Year

Ready to grow your professional skills as we hit another New Year? A quick survey of top professionals in the communications field identified that three skills can help you to to grow your professional mastery, no matter the industry. These three skills include:

  1. Improve your Presence
  2. Improve your Presentations
  3. Improve your Listening

All three of these skills include a combination of self-awareness and relationship awareness, cornerstones of EQ otherwise known as emotional intelligence. They also involve communication skills. No matter what industry you work in it helps if you can improve how you relate and interact with others. You can build these three skills by reading books, taking an onsite training course and setting attainable goals. Focus on improving your communication skills as you head into the new year and you and your career will benefit. Learn more by looking at the many free tools and onsite courses offered through Bold New Directions.