What are 3 Top Benefits of Improving Coaching Skills For Managers?

Looking back on your career, which boss stands out as the most helpful?  Was it the one who was quick to criticize and put you in your place?  Was it an intellectual bully? Or, was it the one who asked you important questions and mentored you to success?  Chances are it was the latter, assuming you were one of the lucky few that had a boss that knew how to use coaching skills effectively.

Many professionals share that their own experience with bosses was difficult; they worked for bosses who wanted to own the glory but not share the struggle.  How might it have been for you if your past boss had helped you to hone your skills and improve your confidence?  And what if you could do that for your direct reports?  Imagine how morale, productivity and overall effectiveness would change. So how does coaching help?  Here are three benefits of growing the coaching skills of your managers; increased morale, increased productivity and increased effectiveness.

1. Increased Morale:

Staff members who feel supported report that they feel better about their work and specifically that they feel better about their relationship with their boss.  They are more likely to share anecdotes and participate in joint discussions and problem solving, rather than try to hide problems under the rug.  Overall, team members who have received coaching say they feel valued and appreciated; and their overall morale improves.

2. Increased Productivity:

Ever spent too much time worrying about making a mistake, or trying to cover your tracks for fear of getting in trouble with a difficult boss? What if you didn’t have to do all that? What if you could decrease the down time of worry and anxiety, and instead focus on getting tasks done.  Over time, staff members who are in a positive relationship with their manager indicate they feel increased confidence in their roles, and that they can contribute in more productive ways since they are not fearful of failure. The coaching relationship helps to change the culture of the workplace to one that rewards innovation and effort and this in itself creates more productivity within the team.

3. Increased Effectiveness: 

Just like a well-oiled machine, a company that works together smoothly hits less snags and has less downtime.  Direct reports who spend less time feeling frustrated, worried or bullied, have more time to devote to getting things done – well!  Coaching can even be the oil that lubricates the various cogs in your company machine; preventing and dissolving friction that might occur, lubricating the innovation and creativity of your workers.  By increasing effectiveness of key players on your team, coaching helps your organization perform at a higher standard.

All in all, training programs that help your managers develop coaching skills pay off in spades.  By assisting your managers to develop the attitude, knowledge and skills of how to coach an employee to success you set up your organization to receive multiple benefits from increased morale, to increased productivity, to increased effectiveness.  Ask us about our Coaching Skills For Managers Training Program which can be delivered onsite at your organization.  The immediate results and the long-term pay off will make you glad you did.