Presenting from a Positive Place

Feeling nervous about an upcoming presentation?  There are so many factors that are out of your control, however.  You may get a tough audience who are hard to engage or simply unhappy people.  It’s a challenge to not let this affect your presentation.  However, presentation training can prepare you for this challenge and teach you skills and strategies for rising above it to deliver an outstanding presentation regardless of your audience’s state of mind.


A Master by the name of Don Miguel Ruiz writes about not taking anyone else personally. That’s hard to do at first. But, like anything practiced well, you can train yourself to do just that. In fact, presentation training can help you be proactive and hone this very practice so as not to be caught off guard by negative energy from your audience.


While you are presenting, we at the Presentation Training Institute say that you are in fact the leader while in front.  And that also means you are leading from happiness to inspire audience members to greater happiness.   Presentation training can help you make the connections needed to equate both mood and relevant material for meeting your audience’s overt and inner needs.