Leading by Example

Work life is busy.  You likely spend each day attending meetings, answering phone calls, attending to countless emails, and extensive problem solving.  Keep in mind however, that you are setting THE example for others to follow in everything you do.


What do your team members see and hear when around you? Do they assess you as positive or negative?  Directorial or understanding?  Approachable or unapproachable?  It is imperative that you step outside your own world of “To Do’s” to understand that you are being observed as the model of how to be.  Have you considered onsite management training?  The next level of awareness may catapult you into the next level of success with leading and managing people and management training can help.


It doesn’t take more time to be a great example of ideal professionalism. It takes more self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and managing relationships. You most likely can’t do this transitioning on your own. You don’t have the time nor teaching.  Let Bold New Directions help with this critical piece of reaching your potential as a manager and leader, for others are looking to you for guidance.