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Learning to Trust in Your Capability and Give Up Self-Doubt

Do you feel qualified to reach for that promotion?  Perhaps you are second-guessing your skills and think that you should stay put a while longer. Learn how management training can shift your thinking and boost your confidence. Discovering that you have limited thinking and, or limiting beliefs about yourself and what you think is possible is a huge step in the process of learning to go after what you are truly capable of.


Your mind will make an argument that some things you want are out of reach because it can’t see any practical means of attaining it. But that’s exactly where the limit lies. We get fooled that what we see is all we can get. But there are a zillion models out there demonstrating something different. Go to the government’s patent bureau and what will you find? Inventions! And by definition, an invention is something that had never been before. Something wanted but initially no way to have it. Management training can boost your creativity as well.  It can offer new perspectives that lead to growth and greater understanding of yourself and your capabilities.


Start a new paradigm of thinking; one that says there is nothing that you can’t have. Vision that something in all its components. See it so clearly in your mind that it “feels” undeniably real. With the help of our management training programs offered by Management Training Institute at, you will begin to notice that the means to have what you want begin to appear where before, you couldn’t see them.


Tips for Presentation Training and Audience Engagement

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation that you wished would end?  Learn how our presentation training courses can elevate your presentations for more engagement, vibrancy and persuasion.


The goal of a strong presentation is to capture your audience’s attention and keep them focused on what you have to offer.  These three tips will help you:


Use interesting words. Utilize a Thesaurus to add variation especially if your topic is not terribly exciting.  Through presentation training, you can learn how to maintain audience engagement as well.


Make eye contact!  This will let them know that you are speaking to them.  This will create a sense of intimacy and keep their focus on you and what you have to offer them.


Use gestures.  Our presentation training courses can help you learn the importance of body language and the effective use of gestures.  When your audience senses your enthusiasm, they are more likely to stay tuned!


Presentation training courses can advance your ability to not only deliver a strong presentation with ease but also engage even the toughest audience.


Leading by Example

Work life is busy.  You likely spend each day attending meetings, answering phone calls, attending to countless emails, and extensive problem solving.  Keep in mind however, that you are setting THE example for others to follow in everything you do.


What do your team members see and hear when around you? Do they assess you as positive or negative?  Directorial or understanding?  Approachable or unapproachable?  It is imperative that you step outside your own world of “To Do’s” to understand that you are being observed as the model of how to be.  Have you considered onsite management training?  The next level of awareness may catapult you into the next level of success with leading and managing people and management training can help.


It doesn’t take more time to be a great example of ideal professionalism. It takes more self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and managing relationships. You most likely can’t do this transitioning on your own. You don’t have the time nor teaching.  Let Bold New Directions help with this critical piece of reaching your potential as a manager and leader, for others are looking to you for guidance.

Presenting To Executives

Are you preparing to deliver a presentation to Senior Management?  Are your nerves getting the best of you?  These Executives generally expect more from a presentation than your standard audience.  Let Presentation training and coaching help you understand the skills and attitude you will need to be successful with this demanding and sometimes domineering audience.

Our Presentation training courses can guide you to understand the internal dynamics that cause the anxiety and show you strategies for harnessing that energy into a positive and confident presentation. You are the most knowledgeable person in that room on the topic you are presenting.  You have information that they need and appreciate, so let that be the place of power in overcoming your nerves.

Learn more about our presentation training courses and how they can significantly advance your skills set and increase your confidence.  Visit us at


Boost Your Management Skills by Walking Around

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you have to do?  You have a thousand tasks to accomplish. You have too many people to supervise. You have a team that needs attention. Where are you spending your time?

These days of “do more with less” is challenging every manager on the planet. The Adair leadership model shows three interlocking circles representing Task, Team and Individuals. Most managers I’ve asked say they take care of Tasks 80-90% of their day. And yet the definition of a “Manager” is “someone who gets work done through others.” How can you get better at getting work done through your team?

Unless you have a team consisting of 100% Stars, and Stars who also know how to work collaboratively, you are probably getting yourself in trouble by sitting at your computer instead of getting out amongst your people. What are they doing? How well are they doing it? How much are they improvising? What shortcuts are ultimately causing you trouble? And most importantly, what do they think of their relationship with you? These are all important questions to consider as you work on your management skills.

It is time to reconsider how you are spending your time? Time management is not a given for everyone. Go to a Time Management course once every few years to see how you are doing. Do you link every action you take to a goal you have set? Where are you off task? Similarly, consider taking a Management training course to brush up on the fundamentals of management.

Are you delegating well and often? Are you the only one who can possibly do every job you are currently doing? What are your hesitations? Not everything is delegable but probably many more things are than what you’ve delegated to date. How is it hurting some of your team members to not have the opportunity to do things they have potential for but are never asked to do? If you freed up 10% of your management time and spent that time visiting your staff, how would that inform you? What might happen to your management skills and your relationships with staff?

What you don’t know may very well be hurting you. Find ways to get out of the poor habit of answering that next email, telling yourself that only you can do “that” job and plain old laziness. Stand up, walk about, and go see your people.  That is why you are member of the management team.

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Jim Hornickel is co-founder of Bold New Directions, a transformational learning company that works with companies to transform people and performance through training solutions including seminars, webinars, coaching and keynote events. Bold New Directions specializes in training solutions that build leadership skills, communication skills and resilience at work. You can learn more about Jim Hornickel and his work at Bold New Directions by visiting or