Resilience Training – Let Down at Work

Have you ever left a meeting with key decision makers feeling so positive and optimistic only to realize a week later after numerous emails and attempted correspondence that you are rather let down? It’s hard enough when we create our own expectations that fail to materialize. But when someone else makes a promise, sets an expectation, and then they don’t follow through on it, well, you probably feel disappointed. You might feel it to be a setback.  Learn how resilience training can buoy setbacks and help you recalibrate from a perceived “loss”.

On the surface, setbacks such as these and the corresponding lower feelings associated might feel "natural"; one leads to the other. But what we call "natural" is usually something that we’ve practiced enough that it feels like that’s simply the way it is. But the good news is that this is simply neurological patterning. And neuroplasticity tells us that we can take charge of our patterning or brain wiring with attention and a little time. The resilience training programs delivered by Bold New Directions can provide you with insight as well as tools for boosting your personal and professional resilience.

What’s in it for us to take the time to reprogram how we handle "setbacks"? Happiness, positivity, productivity! In the Resilience Training Institute training programs, we explore how taking charge of how you respond to the circumstances of life is the major secret to personal and professional success.

How can a resilience training program like Resilience at Work™ help your staff deal with challenges in the workplace? The scenario above has happened to everyone at some time or another. However, when an entire workplace is feeling let down, it can take a toll on morale.

Let Bold New Directions and Resilience Training Institute deliver an interactive and experiential resilience training program that will give your staff the tools for dealing with stress and change in the workplace.


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