Coaching Skills for Managers

The Management Training Institute has seen a surge of interest in one of its key Management trainings, Coaching Skills for Mangers.  This program is essential to managers who wish to empower their employees through the art of coaching.  One of the key features of the Coaching Skills For Managersis the focus on building skills in coaching.  Most managers have heard of coaching but have little understanding of the theory and principles that ground this important management skill set.  Suzanne Guthrie suggests that coaching is one of the most important skills to develop in a management training seminar.  “You really need the expert instruction that comes via participation in management training classes to understand the ins and outs of management coaching”, she states. Some skills can be learned though reading an article, but coaching is such a person-to-person skill that it is best learned in a management training seminar like Coaching Skills For Managers™.

In addition, the Coaching Skills For Managers™ management training seminar includes role plays and exercises to build coaching skills. We want the management training seminar to really build confidence. The only way to do that is to integrate numerous practice sessions in each of our management training classes so that coaching becomes a new way of interacting.

The programs delivered through Mangement Training Institute such as Coaching Skills for Managers will positively impact both the participants and their organizations for years to come. 

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