Courage Practice

My Director and I were having a conversation about courage after I needed to make a difficult phonecall to a colleague and chose to send an email instead…  This decision brought up all sorts of uncomfortable feelings for me including embarassment, frustration and guilt.  As a peace-loving conflict-avoiding person, this phonecall stirred up an insurmountable fear in me that I chose to give into rather than move through.  My egoic mind decided to run wild with fearful thoughts of the other party screaming at me while my courageous (and logical) mind was attempting to assure me that the situation was nowhere near that dire and I would apologize and make things right with kind words and sincere thoughts.  However, my fear won this battle and the negative feelings I had as a result were even worse…I now choose Courage.  My Director and I created a Courage practice where we write down our Courageous experiences of the past week and have a conversation about it.  Not only is it a very personal and revealing practice, it has empowered me more than I could have imagined.  Each time I feel the fear, I do it anyway now and the gratification is tremendous!

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