“Mountain Daredevils”

They take their bikes

To incredible heights

Just to come down again

But unlike the easy

Ride up the slopes

There’s danger on their descent


The trail’s unforgiving

With peril they’re living

While deeply thrilled to the bone

Wreckless or wise

The difference will tell

As their insights and skills they hone


I’m well past the age

Of this adventurous stage

No more rattle and roll of this kind

Still, journeys abound

Gentler thrills to be found

Keeping hard won wisdom in mind


While growing older is inevitable, how to learn from our experiences and adjust next ventures for success is the leading of a conscious and intentional life. What "mistakes" might you be repeating? What will you do to get off those gerbil wheels of failures by using your accumulated wisdom? Your brain is wired but the good news is that you are in charge of the rewiring (for greater and greater success).


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