“Well, It Doesn’t Just Come”

"Well, It Doesn’t Just Come"


When my ship comes in

I will do that

Or I’ll go "there"

When it arrives

All my dreams are aboard

That vague vessel

And when it docks

It will change my whole life


But I’ve been waiting

For years at the dockside

Squinting eyes are so tired

And strained

It’s out there, I know it

It’s just held up

On this quite empty dock

I remain.


Hold the line there’s a message


S.O.S. are the letters

I see

From the bridge

There is clarity coming

All the crew there

Are waiting for me


It is clear how far off

Were my bearings

On the wheel’s where

My two hands should lie

It’s "my" ship

I’m the one who is steering

So it doesn’t just come

And arrive


So it’s time to take charge

Of the wheelhouse

No one else has the license

To steer

And I’ll take my dear ship

On all settings

Cause it doesn’t just come

Now is clear




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