Fallow Resources

"Fallow Resources"


We just passed the Amtrak train yard as we entered the tunnel under the East River on our way to Penn Station, NYC. There was barely an empty stretch of track in the entire yard for all the idle cars and engines sitting there.   


That got me thinking about resources in general and specifically within all of us. How many skills have you developed over your lifespan? How many inner character traits have you expanded through time? What helpful insights have you accrued?


But with such busy lives and so, so many such resources, some of them are bound to have become a bit forgotten. The neuroscience of the brain truly is "use it or lose it". The wiring gets dusty.


But your many work and personal situations can certainly use all the skills, positive character traits, and wise insights that you can situationally bring to use.


What to do? Periodically dust off your powerful inventory. Write or type your 3 lists covering these areas. Take a few moments to assess which you’ve been applying and which have lay dormant. Just these simple acts will stir them into conscious availability for application; at least for a little while.



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