Finding your inner courage

Courage is defined as the inner strength needed to overcome fear.  Those fears need not be overwhelming in order to summon courage and brave a new task or face an uncomfortable situation.  Many us of have fears that prevent us from doing our best work…perhaps it’s fear of talking on the phone or public speaking, both of which may be required of your position at work.  How then do we battle our fears and ultimately overcome them?  Growing your courage factor is like expanding anything else about your physical or emotional being.  It takes a willingness to be vulnerable and plenty of practice!  Ask yourself the following questions regarding Courage and then you will be able to map out an action plan:

  • What do I fear?

  • Why do I fear it?

  • When am I courageous these days?

  • What ingredients within me contribute to my courage?

  • What actions do I now take that reflect courage?

  • Where else can I use these actions?

  • What do I gain by being courageous?

  • What else do I want to be courageous about?

Begin to map out the incremental steps you will take to face this fear.  Write them down!  Make the coming journey very familiar before you step onto the path.  Create a timeline for these steps…allow yourself to feel emotional and find the balance within.  Celebrate small victories; this reinforces your courage and helps you live expansively!

Put your actions into play both at work and at home… you will find that connecting with your inner courage allows you to envision promotions, set lofty goals and think bigger than you ever have…

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