Finding your Purpose

Do you know what your life Purpose is?  If you have difficulty answering this question, you’re not alone…most people can’t readily produce an answer.  It’s almost as if we are acting in a play written by somebody else.  However, it’s never too late to contemplate this question and seek a path to clarity.  Purpose is a big word with broad meaning… but let’s put some parameters around it and clarify that it is not neccessarily a quantifiable term.  Our purpose can be our journey, or rather a way in which we live our lives.  It’s not a destination or an unattainable goal; for that would feel defeating for most people.  Consciously reflecting on our purpose means discovering where our passion lies and how the two intersect in our lives.  Perhaps they don’t intersect, but the contemplative mind may long for that intersection and you may find yourself one step closer to living your passion with each "what if" thought… Then perhaps you will find yourself moving beyond "what if" and signing up for that class you’ve always dreamed of taking and the journey begins… The deliberation with which you seek and step will generate passion which in turns fuels your purpose… Knowing your life purpose will serve you in many ways, but living your life purpose is fulfilling.  Finding a way to blend work and passion is the goal of so many people.  We often find ourselves in jobs that reflect our experience, our skill set or accumulated knowledge.  They often do not reflect our passion.  Knowing your passions will reflect your purpose and aligning them with your work will give you great satisfaction in life.  It may involve taking risks and perhaps starting your own business, but living your purpose fully is the ultimate reward. 

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