R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in Negotiations, part 2

As we continue our series on the fundamentals of Negotiating Success, we will highlight the acronym R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  Please refer to our previous entry on R. for Responsiveness and E. for Empathy.

Let’s continue with S. for Service… What do you think of when you hear the term good Customer Service?  Positive interaction, attentiveness, authenticity?  These qualities are essential in the Negotiation Process as well and will yeild an agreeable outcome in the long run.  Negotiations thrive when the following qualities are present: respectfulness, honor, truthfulness, caring, and positive attitude.  All are factors of Service within the context of Negotiating Succcessfully.

P. for Perspectives.  What is a perspective?  It can be defined as a point of view, belief or opinion.  In Negotations, perspective is a key factor and both parties possess likely different ones.  Perspectives can either enhance the negotiation process or hinder it…when one’s perspective becomes their only way of viewing something, then it can bring the interactions to a halt.  The thoughts and feelings one associates with their Perspective will either serve the situation positively or hinder it completely.  The idea is to become aware that each of us in charge of how we view life and its circumstances.  And that also includes the points of view we adopt during a negotiation.  It is helpful to notice when our perspectives are moving the process forward or setting up roadblocks to progress.

It takes willingness to look for effective perspectives.  It also takes skill to invite them out so that both parties can peacefully select those perspectives best serving the end goal of mutual gain.

Our next entry will address E.C.T., so stay tuned!

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