Courage – An Important Management Skill – Part 3 of 4 Part Series

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on how courage is a key management skill in the workplace.  Look back into past articles in this blog or visit us at or

To manage with courage, practice first by taking small steps.

When you are totally clear on why you want to overcome a previously fear-laden obstacle, find ways to gently work with it (practice). Trying to do a 180° turn-around leads too often to failure.  Start with baby steps.

A personal story.  Until the age of 30, I was extremely shy, and I hated how emotionally crippled my shyness made me feel. My discontent was my impetus to change. Slowly I began stretching my comfort zone, reaching out a little here, saying something extra there. Now, I get paid some mighty fine dollars to stand in front of groups and speak. And I love it! 

When I decided I needed to overcome my shyness, I did not go out that day and give a Keynote address in front of 500 people. That’s insanity. No, incremental practice steps is usually the way to go. Building up your courage little by little is one effective way of moving forward.

Want to know more?  Look for part 4 of this series in the coming days.


Adapted from the book Managing From The Inside Out by Jim Hornickel, Director Training & Development, Bold New Directions. For more resources about how to increase your management skills through management training, leadership training, or teambuilding team visit our website at or learn about management training at



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