Boost Your Projection – Part 4 in the Series on Vocal Variety in Presentations

Why Should You Boost Your Projection?

This aspect of voice is by far the most important as it correlates to your audience’s ability to hear your remarks. Even the most intelligent presenter can not have their desired impact if the people in the room can not hear their key points. With projection, everyone can hear your comments without having to strain their voice. However, there is still value in varying your projection to add intrigue and interest to your comments. For example, you might want to soften your voice to emphasize a key point and then later increase the volume for another point. In either case you must ensure that all members of the audience can hear each and every point.

Practice projecting your voice by imagining that everyone is sitting against the far wall in the room. Ensure they can hear you and that you are speaking from your diaphragm. In fact if you could only improve one skill in voice dynamics, we would say make it Projection.  The very act of speaking more loudly will change your breathing, slow your pace, and add more intonation – all great outcomes for your vocal variety.

 Now that we have discussed Projection keep on the look out for the next article in the series on how Personality impacts your vocals. Or, if you want additional information on how to hone your presentation skills visit our website to get a free copy of report on how to Master Your Presentation Skills at or at