Vary Pace for Vocal Variety – Part 2 of 5 Part Series

Vocal variety is essential to keeping your audience intrigued and interested in your remarks. This is Part 2 of a 5 Part Series on how you can you add emphasis, excitement and drama to your next presentation.  Vocal Variety involves 5 P’s.  Pitch, Pace, Pause, Projection and Personality.  In part 1 of this series we explored the power of Pitch.  Part 2 of this five part article drills down on how pacing impacts the listener in a professional presentation, speech, or set of remarks.  Pace is a wonderful tool that many presenters overlook.  Read below to learn how to vary your vocals with the power of pace. 


The Power of Pace in Presentations

Pace refers to the speed at which you speak. Just as monotone is boring so is mono-pace. A good speaker knows the value of changing the pace as they speak. For example, when you are introducing a topic that is exciting you may choose to speed up the pace of your voice. Let the audience know that something exciting is about to be shared in your next remarks.  On the other hand, when you want people to focus their attention on a more somber point, you may slow down for emphasis. Too fast all the time isn’t good, but neither is too slow all the time the way to go.  The overall point is that variation of pace is the key to success here. So play around with your pace next time you speak to see the impact on your audience.

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