5 P’s of Vocal Variety in Presentation Skills – Part 1 Pitch

5P’s of Voice Training & Presentation Skills – Part 1

Ever heard a boring speaker?  Wanted to walk way from the monotone sound of their voice? 

Voice is a powerful tool for presenters. Voice can make all the difference between success and failure when you’re aiming to engage your audience. In sales meetings, company updates or technical meetings, it is critical to keep your audience involved and interested in your remarks. Learn how to stretch your voice by understanding the 5 P’s of Voice Control including Pitch, Pace, Pause, Projection & Personality. 

This is the first of a five part series on how to add intrigue to your remarks by varying your voice dynamics.  Let’s get started with Pitch.



Pitch refers to the ups and downs of your notes when you speak. We all have the ability to speak from a vocal range – which includes higher notes and lower notes. However, it takes great awareness and practice to notice your own pitch and to change it consciously. Why is pitch important? A monotone voice bores the audience and a bored audience is less likely to recall your key points or to take action. To play around with pitch try thinking of popular characters who have voices at either end of the vocal range then practice speaking (or singing!) like them. For example you might think of Michael Jackson’s high pitched voice and then compare it with Barry White’s deeper tones. You can also simulate the voices of movie actors to start expanding your own range. Over time your awareness and practice with pitch will enable you to vary your voice as you speak – all in the aim of drawing your audience into your remarks. Now that we’ve looked at Pitch, watch for Part 2 of the series when we will discuss Pace. In the meantime, if you want additional information on how to hone your presentation skills visit our website to get a free copy of report on how to Master Your Presentation Skills at https://boldnewdirections.com or at http://www.presentationtraininginstitute.com