Five Strategies To Grow Professional Resilience

Here are five top strategies to grow your professional resilience.  They also ground you as a person.  


1. Clarify Your Purpose

It’s easier to be passionate and energized when the work you do is in line with your purpose. Ask yourself important questions like “Why Am I Here?”, “What’s My Legacy”, and “What’s My Impact?”. Then check to see that at least some of your activities each day are in line with your purpose. If not, it’s time to consider how to increase your purpose-ful activities; if not at work, then how about through a hobby or volunteer mission.  Take a free assessment at or and boost your professional Resilience.


2. Find Your People

Most of us do better when we have a supportive team cheering us on. Who are your people? Where do they spend most of their time? Look around your workplace for strategic alliances and mentors.  Canvass your neighborhood for like-minded connections. It’s easier to feel positive and resourceful when you have good people around you to help you stay strong. To learn more about resources and training take a look at or to boost your personal Resilience.


3. Focus On Strengths

All of us come to this world with a mix of strengths and weaknesses; the trick is to utilize your strengths to positive advantage. Ask your family or colleagues about your top five strengths and then set out to ensure you are living life in a way that has you enjoying these activities – at work, at home, and at play! To learn more try the wheel of life assessment at or and boost your professional Resilience.


4. Change Your Perspective

All of us face trials along the road. What makes the difference is how we approach those ups and downs. Learn to try the “180 game”. If you catch yourself labelling something as a “Problem”, try to swing 180 degrees the other direction and instead call it a “Solution”; then really live from that Solution perspective for a couple of days. Over time, this new perspective will help you see advantages and opportunities that you may have missed! Visit or and schedule training that will help you change your perspective.  


5. Grow Your Appreciation

Take time each day to list 5 or more parts of life for which you’re grateful. It could be the roof over your head, the food on your table, the colleagues around the office. Focus on what is going well, what you would miss, and what you appreciate in others.


By practicing these 5 strategies on a daily basis you’ll grow your own resilience and find you’ve got more capacity to weather storms that come your way! There are many other tools that will help you thrive! To learn more about resources and training take a look at or  and boost your professional Resilience.


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